Kohsei Foods Co., Ltd. – Japanese Fermented Food Aged Rice Bran Bed Launches in the US

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GIFU, Feb. 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — – The rice bran bed is fermented by lactic acid bacteria and aged in the fridge. It comes in a bag which can be stored in a fridge as it is making it compact and an easy way to enjoy pickles all year around.

Satomura Daizo, the CEO of the company announced that the Aged Rice Bran Bed presents a convenient way of incorporating nutrients into your diet given its high nutritional value.

“Over 90% of the nutrients in rice is contained in the bran used in nuka; these seep into the vegetables to make highly nutritious pickles. With the Aged Rice Bran, one is assured of taking in even more nutrients that will help them build a robust immune system” 

Lactic acid is also a major component of the rice bran that is used during the process of lacto-fermentation leading to improved gut health. It also contains a number of nutrients and vitamins that are good for the skin thus helping maintain a flawless skin. 

About Kohsei Foods Co., Ltd.

Established in 1959. Pickles, rice koji, amazake—the Japanese culture of fermented food has been treasured and passed down over many centuries. Keeping food preserved for longer, adding to their nutritional value, and making them more delicious, these superfoods were brought into being by the process of nature and the knowledge of our ancestors, and have been the backbone of Japanese peoples’ health over the ages. We launched our line of products so anyone can easily make all kinds of fermented foods at home—for those who want healthy food that tastes great, for those who want the touch of the homemade in their food no matter how busy they are. Happiness while cooking, smiles when eating. We want to keep the magic of Japanese cuisine alive for generations to come.

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