Utilising nutrition to help boost your overall health

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We’ve probably all been guilty of living an unhealthy lifestyle in recent months with the current Coronavirus pandemic forcing us to be housebound. As a result, the weight has piled up and we’ve found ourselves becoming rather unfit as we visit the gym less and less. 

Your nutrition plays a big part in your overall health and with the snack drawer being just an arms reach away for most of the parts of the day, it’s no surprise that our diets have become a bit of a mess recently. Consuming a healthy, well-balanced diet can have benefits not only for your physical health but also for your mental health. It can provide your body with the correct minerals and nutrients to improve bodily function and create an overall improved health profile.

Balancing calories

The first aspect of having a healthy diet is actually balancing the amount you eat with how much you exercise. By consuming the right amount of calories, you can balance this with how many times you exercise throughout the day. If you consume more than you use, the food you eat will be stored as fat in the body. Equally, not consuming enough calories will make you lose weight.

Protecting your gut health

Your gut is considered one of the most important organs and links to many cognitive functions that are processed in your body. This includes linking with our brain, so when we know something isn’t feeling right we’re instantly aware of this, which impacts our gut and has a direct effect on our physical and mental wellness.

Foods high in fibre and probiotics such as pasta, rice and yoghurt can be extremely beneficial for our gut health. If you believe your natural diet has low levels of probiotics and fibre, there are probiotic supplements available to help give your gut a boost.

Eating more fish

Fish can be one of the healthiest food sources that you can have in your diet. It contains plenty of protein, vitamins and minerals that can be extremely beneficial for your overall health. Fatty fish contain omega 3 fatty acids which are beneficial for both brain and heart function as well as reducing the chances of heart disease. Several sources for this include mackerel, salmon and sardines. However, if your natural diet doesn’t allow you to eat it, high strength fish oil can be consumed to ensure you get the benefits.

Final conclusions

Whilst we might have not had the privilege of going to the shops to make our usual healthy purchases in recent times, now that measures are reducing it’s now a better time more than ever to get into the shops and improve your diet again. Our mental and physical health should be our priority at the moment and putting in place the right steps to ensure we can improve this is crucial.