Things to Know About Paediatric Dentist

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Pediatric Dentist for Your Child

So, where you will head if your infant, children or any adolescents up to 21 experience any dental problem. Yes, you got it right….you will see some paediatric dentist. 

Here the write-up discusses various qualities of a paediatric dentist in sugar land and the aspects to be considered while choosing the one for yourself.

Well trained and regulated

The paediatric dentists are well- trained medical professionals. The American Board of Paediatric propounds that after graduating from medical school, one needs to undergo a three-year residency training in paediatrics. After completing this training, one would be eligible to get the state license to practice as a paediatric.

Paediatrician role during childhood

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has recommended various frequencies to visit the paediatric dentist during childhood. These frequencies are as follows-

  • Below one year of age – visit at least six times during the first year.
  • Age of one year to three years – visit every three to six months.
  • Four years of age – visit once a year.
  • Afterwards – as advised by the paediatrician

Paediatric Dentists vs Family Doctor

pediatric dentist sugar land are specialists in orthodontics while the family doctors have the expertise of general nature only. In the eventuality of being faced with dental problems, it is advisable to see paediatric dentists rather than the family doctor. Though making this choice is a personal decision, to avoid the aggravation of the dental problem, one should always visit a paediatric dentist.

Pondering before visiting the paediatric dentist

Below Factors should be considered while you plan to see a paediatric dentist.

  • Their working hours
  • The location of their clinic – is it located in the vicinity of your place or not
  • Fees charged by them – whether the treatment is an affordable or costly affair
  • External reviews by other patients or on social media
  • Nature of the paediatric dentist – whether he explains the treatment properly, the act is calm and composed, etc.
  • Service time – whether scheduling of the appointments is being made properly to avoid long waiting hours

You may even schedule a preliminary round of meeting with the paediatric dentist to understand the doctor and his treatment methods. It will provide you with enough comfort zone before you entrust the dental treatment of your infants, children or teenager to the paediatric dentist. 

It is noteworthy that once the paediatric dentist are chosen, in general, no patient switch over to any other doctor for the treatment unless the circumstances warrant otherwise.


Life comes with its own set of health issues, of which dental problem could be one of the painful experiences. Being infant and teenagers, they may not be able to explain their dental problem with adequate comprehension. 

Visiting experienced paediatricians like the ones at Colony Dental will help you to get out of the problem. However, if not done so, it will welcome dental problem, which can get aggravated if not redressed properly. Hence, it is advisable always to visit the expert, that is, a paediatric dentist!