The Legality of Cannabis Seeds in Southfield

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Cannabis laws in the US differ from state to state; in most of the places, use of cannabis for medicinal purpose is legal while in other places it is legalized for recreational purpose as well. Many people in various states of USA have opted to grow cannabis in their home. But before you decide about the kind of seeds you want to grow, you should acquaint yourself with the local law in your state.

Can you buy cannabis seeds in Southfield legally?

In the whole of the USA, you can buy weed seeds legally. Ungerminated, these seeds have no legal implications unless they are put in the soil to grow.

In Southfield, Michigan, it is legal to buy and grow cannabis for people who are registered, medical users. 

How many plants are you allowed growing?

Only registered medical users are allowed to cultivate cannabis in Southfield they are allowed to grow 12 plants in their home.

Where can you buy cannabis seeds in Southfield?   

You have two options to buy cannabis seeds; they are dispensary and online stores. Each of them has its set of advantages; you can opt for any mode according to your convenience.

Why should people grow cannabis in their home?

People who are allowed to grow cannabis in their home should go for it. This is because the cost is very high when you buy cannabis for any kind of use from a dispensary or online seed bank.

What are some factors which you should keep in mind before growing cannabis?


  • Ensure that you have enough space

Before you decide to grow cannabis, you should ensure that you are at least having minimum space required to grow it. In indoors, you need a minimum of 9 square feet and in outdoors the area can vary between 4 to 25 square feet.


          Whether your need for cannabis is big enough to opt for growing it yourself

You should only go for growing cannabis only when you need it in a big quantity/amount. There is no pint in investing time, money and effort to grow marijuana when you only have a bare minimum need for it.

  • Cannabis is still considered as taboo

Even where marijuana is legal for any purpose, people do not feel comfortable to go to stores to buy it; instead they prefer online buying. People who are prescribed cannabis also hesitate to buy it in public, because there is a lot of taboo around cannabis. 


So one should be confident enough to grow these plants in their neighborhood and should not feel uncomfortable about it.


          These are some factors which you should keep in mind before opting to grow cannabis yourself.