The deadly effect of alcohol on ED

Medications You Should Never Mix With Alcohol

Well, our habits have a major effect on our overall health. If we do a morning walk daily for 1 year our blood circulation will become better, calories will be burned which will eventually lower our weight.

The body quickly responds with your actions whether they are fruitful or harmful for the body. Sometimes their actions we find cool but in reality, they are the most harmful ones for us. Such actions are called addictions.

Addictions are always harmful, and especially if it is to some substance such as tobacco, recreational drugs, or marijuana. We all start our addictions with our friends during our teenage. At that time, it seems very cool to smoke and drink and we feel like on top of the world.

But slowly it becomes a habit of doing it daily, and ultimately it becomes an addiction where if we do not do those things our body would shiver, muscles would get tightened and mentally we become unstable.

The dependence becomes so much without performing that act one could not start and end the day. Some people find solace from the harsh realities of life through addictions.

But no one thinks about the consequences of these addictions on our body. The reality is that any physical injury is visible easily so we treat it immediately. But in the case of mental illness, no one really knows from outside what has actually happened.

And especially in our society, the awareness about mental health is even less than negligible. When mental health is no fully sound the sexual health is also affected proportionally. Great sexual intercourse with a depressed mind is not possible as in such cases the drive for sex does not generate and they have to depend on Cenforce 100 Or Vidalista 60.

And ultimately the penis does not get erect despite the stimulation provided resulting in Erectile Dysfunction.

Reasons behind Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is a disorder that has multiple causes but not many solutions. The root cause of the penis not getting erect is the poor supply of blood in the body.

At the time of sexual stimulation, the blood enters the penis with the huge force which makes the penis erect. But due to our addiction such as alcohol intake, smoking the blood supply is disturbed which results in a negligible erection.

To solve this problem people, use pills like Cenforce 200. These pills enhance the blood flow and remove any hindrance in the path of blood reaching the penis.

How is alcohol-related to ED?

As earlier mentioned alcohol is one of the addictions that stop the supply of blood in the penis. But with alcohol, some misconceptions need to be overcome. 

Alcohol is both beneficial and harmful at the same time. If taken in small amounts alcohol helps reduce the stress levels by decreasing the transmission of messages between the brain and the organs.

The tensions and worries are reduced to a great extent which helps the person get better sleep. If alcohol is so useful then why it is termed as an addiction? 

It only becomes an addiction when the levels of alcohol consumed are increased on a daily basis. In such situations the neurovascular system is damaged, the brain or more specifically the cerebrum loses control over the organs.

This is the reason for which you may have seen drunk people walking in a zig-zag manner and not in a straight line like a normal person.

Not only the body movements but the important secretion of enzymes is halted, the blood circulation is hampered leading to cardiac arrests in some cases.

For the same reason, most alcoholics are victims of Erectile Dysfunction, or if not currently then he is most vulnerable to ED surely.

Hence, when an alcoholic receives sexual stimulation the blood which should go to the penis is stopped. So, the person gets excited and seduced but the penis is not responding to the situation. We may think of it as any ordinary disorder which could be treated with medical support such as Vidalista 20 and Vilitra 60.

But for men, it would be a matter of shame and disgrace if he is unable to make love to his partner. More than the disorder the people around him force him to fall into depression.

Measures that need to be adopted for the cure

  • Use the drugs prescribed by the doctor accurately with no instance of the drug getting missed.
  • Give up the addiction to alcohol, if the condition is severe join a rehabilitation centre.
  • If not totally reduced the frequency and quantity of alcohol being consumed in a day.
  • Make your body move, do not eat sleep, and repeat. Walk, run or jog for at least 30 minutes a day to keep the blood circulation normal.
  • Eat light meals and foods which are low in calories and sugar content.

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