SmartFuture unveils plug-and-play RPM software kit

SmartFuture unveils plug-and-play RPM software kit

Singapore-based health tech company SmartFuture has launched a new software development kit for remote patient monitoring.

According to a press release, its RPM SDK allows the integration of a white-labelled RPM functionality into existing apps and web portals. 

The software kit has the ability to connect with over 400 regulated wireless medical devices from around 40 brands, including Omron, Abbott, Roche and Viatom. This includes devices that capture blood glucose meters, smart body scales, blood pressure monitors, oximeters, ECG monitors, thermometers, ultrasound, otoscopes and other health vitals, and send readings via a cloud database.

It is also able to integrate with popular EMR platforms such as Epic, Allscripts, and Cerner.  

This new offering adds to its portfolio of health technology solutions, including an RPM platform, which consists of a mobile app, web portal, wireless medical devices, and EMR integrations. SmartFuture also offers a telehealth platform and health kiosks and pods.


SmartFuture claims that its new SDK product “saves a significant amount of time and cost for providers and payers,” as compared to building RPM capabilities from scratch. It also saves on complexity as both patients and healthcare providers need not use an additional app or web portal to enable RPM.

Its integration with existing systems can be “typically completed in a matter of hours,” the company added.


SmartFuture recently received sponsorship to set up an office in Japan and conduct an initial proof of concept in partnership with a city hospital. 

Also recently, the company has demoed its telehealth platform and won the Digital Innovation Showcase at HIMSS APAC 2022.


“We recognised the need for a plug-and-play white-labelled RPM SDK product that can integrate into existing healthcare provider and payer applications. This is convenient, saves time and cost, as well as, reduces complexity while enabling healthcare providers to provide high-quality remote monitoring and care,” SmartFuture CEO and founder Sumit Khemani commented.

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