In today’s society, stress is ubiquitous. At work place, at home and in interpersonal relationships, there are many sources of stress and anxiety, especially in adults. Fortunately, there are many ways to overcome this problem efficiently and rapidly. Because antidepressants and other anti-stress pills may cause addiction and other side effects, it is highly recommended to opt for 100% natural solutions.

Learn to Breathe Correctly to Relieve Stress

When you start feeling the famous knot in the stomach, breathe in very slowly through the nose by swelling the stomach. And then, breathe out through the mouth, also at a slow pace. You must feel your belly. Repeat this several times during 5 to 10 minutes to chase stress away instantly. This natural stress relieve technique works out the diaphragm and acts on the vagus nerve. This latter is a regulator that causes immediate reduction in the heart rate and promotes muscular relaxation.

Aromatherapy: a Natural Anti-Stress Solution

Essential oils are certainly the anti-stress stars. Among the most effective ones, there are lavender, Neroli and ylang-ylang essential oils. How to use them to reduce stress? You can opt for a diffuser that will help your breath anti-stress air. You can add some drops into your bath water to lower the pressure. The other option is to use these essential oils in relaxing massage. You should know that lavender also improves sleep. Just make sure to purchase organic and totally natural products.

Eating Magnesium to Fight against Stress

This mineral element plays a regulatory role in sleep and mood. In other words, it is strongly efficient to get rid of stress and anxiety. You can provide your body with it by drinking quality mineral waters. The ingredients which contains it the most are dark chocolate, banana, lentils, whole grains, oleaginous fruits (almonds, hazelnuts, etc.), or green vegetables which are less caloric at the same time. There are also organic dietary supplements full of magnesium.

Practice Foot Reflexology to Eliminate Stress

With 7,200 nerve endings each, our feet are connected to every part of our body. Thanks to targeted pressures, nervous tension is instantly and durably released. By entrusting your two feet to a professional or by getting acquainted with self-massage, you will recover peace of mind and will always look on the bright side of life. You can also ask a relative, a friend or your partner to massage our feet once you feel stress and anxiety rise.