How to Exercise From Home Like Boss with the Vingo App

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Exercising is an important part of our everyday life. If you are someone who spends a vast majority of your day within the confined spaces, then going out just for the sake of your daily exercise is a good thing. However, if you are unable to go outside due to some or the other reason, then you shouldn’t use that as a reason for not working out. This is why indoor exercises like running and cycling are very important. If you are looking to have a good experience for your exercises, then you should get this unique but wonderful app called Vingo.

Stay Inside The Comforts of Your Home

You can still be inside the home as per your preference and yet get the best exercise for your body. For instance, you can use indoor running and online running to keep yourself fit. If you are someone who is extremely obese like me, then you should avoid running in the initial days of your fitness journey. You should cycle instead. Cycling will not cause any hard impacts on your joints and body. It is better to start with smooth workouts like cycling and then slowly move on to walking, jogging and finally high intensity running.

Get Yourself a Treadmill or an Exercise Bike

Once you have installed the Vingo app on your mobile phone or laptop, all that is still remaining is for you to get a suitable treadmill or exercise bike for your workouts. It is recommended that you buy the equipment that are the latest models in the market. These latest models come with modern in-built sensors. At the same time, you will not be paying higher for these models. If the price is on the higher end, then you can easily buy the used exercise equipment which will be much lower than the price of these. 

Connect Your Exercise Equipment with the App

Next step is to connect these high-tech equipment with the app. This can be done through the Bluetooth sensors that are available on the mobile devices. In case, your equipment is old and doesn’t come with sensors, then you have to buy the latest ANT+ sensors from ecommerce stores. All these might sound like a tedious process. However, you only have to make this once.

Create Your Personalised Exercise Experience

Next step is to make your own personalised exercise route in the virtual world. You can choose locations that you prefer to workout in. You can choose sandy beaches for your running or choose crowded parks. Similarly for your cycling exercises, you can find a picturesque river bank or a sling hilly road. Whatever you choose, the treadmill also increases the difficulty according to the terrain of the virtual world.

Stay Committed & Stay Hungry for Results

Finally and most importantly, you need to be committed to your exercises and plan your schedule ahead. If you do all these things then with the app for running routes you can get fit from the comforts of your home itself.

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