Fitbit’s Charge 5 tracker is on sale for $130 right now

Fitness trackers are a good alternative to smartwatches for those that want to keep track of daily activity and workouts, but aren’t into the look and feel of digital timepieces. One of the best out there is Fitbit’s Charge 5 and you can get it for $130 right now at Amazon. That’s 13 percent off its regular price and, while not a record low, it’s only $10 more than that.

Buy Fitbit Charge 5 at Amazon – $130

The Charge 5 earned a score of 82 from us — while Fitbit updated its design, the tracker is quite similar to the Charge 4 that came before it. It has a full color touchscreen with an always-on mode that you can choose to enable, plus a frame that’s 10 percent thinner than its predecessor and more comfortable band.

It’s definitely more low-profile than a standard smartwatch, which some will appreciate, but just because it’s relatively slim doesn’t mean it’s light on power. The Charge 5 tracks all-day heart rate, activity, sleep and more, plus it has a built-in GPS for mapping outdoor workouts. It also comes standard with Fitbit Pay, the company’s contactless payment system, so you can pay for groceries or a coffee on your way back from a run without needing your wallet.

Like other trackers, the Charge 5 has a clear advantage over standard smartwatches when it comes to battery life. The device lasted about two and a half days in our testing with the screen in always-on mode, and a full five days with that feature turned off. If you’re looking for an activity monitor that you won’t have to worry about charging every night, this is a good option.

If you are more of a smartwatch person, Fitbit’s high-end Sense device is also on sale right now for $200, or $100 off its normal price. We gave the timepiece a score of 82 for its bright, sharp display and comprehensive suite of health tracking tools, which includes EDA scanning, skin temperature monitoring, ECG measurements, high and low heart rate alerts and more.

Buy Fitbit Sense at Amazon – $200

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