Easy Ways To Make Your Wardrobe More Sustainable! 

5 Easy ways to make your Wardrobe More Sustainable | Another Green Story

Building a more sustainable lifestyle can be overwhelming, but these are all really simple things that you can incorporate to make a difference. It’s all about making small steps towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle, and whether you start by washing your clothes less or take inspiration from all our tips, it will have a positive impact. 

Wash Your Clothes Less

The first tip we have to help you make affordable and sustainable changes to your wardrobe is to wash your clothes less! In terms of how often to wash your clothes, some clothes need to be washed after every wear, whether it’s underwear or tight fitting t-shirts that you wear all day long, or perhaps your womens gymwear. Just make sure you’re filling the washing machine each time and washing at 30 degrees. 

However, for most other things, you can get away with washing your clothes less often. Things like tracksuits, denim, jumpers, overshirts, dresses, trousers and coats can be left longer without wearing! Simply wash when they need it, whether they begin to smell a bit funky or you have spilt something on them. 

Not only will this save you money as you’ll be running your washing machine less, but each time you wash your clothes it can damage them over so slightly. So, the less frequently you wash them, the longer they will survive and look great in your wardrobe. 

Denim is a prime example of this, so just start washing your denim items when they need it and you’ll see just how much longer they last. Levi’s have a great guide on how to wash and dry jeans in the most sustainable way. 

Or, with things like knitwear, wear a very thin, lightweight t-shirt underneath them which tends to be more durable. Then you can wash the much smaller items and protect your knitwear, as well as keeping it smelling fresher for longer. 

Upcycle Old Clothes

When a piece of clothing gets slightly damaged, rips or is looking worse for wear, the easy option is to simply throw it away, but this is the worst choice in terms of sustainability. Instead, use this as an opportunity to fix the clothing and turn it into something you will continue to wear and love for years to come, from your gym leggings to your pajamas and going out dresses! This could involve you learning to sew and repair clothing, so that you can easily fix something and put it straight back into your wardrobe. 

If you’re not confident this is something you could do, then find a good local seamstress or tailor to repair for you and at the same time, other alterations could be made so it fits perfectly or is more suited to your sense of style. This could be a shorter hem, adding a short sleeve or tightening at the waist. Again, this will require a small investment, but it’s so much cheaper than replacing something every time it has a slight flaw. Plus, of course, it’s a whole lot better for the environment! 

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