I was recently a guest on Dr. Joan Salge Blake’s podcast: Spot On! We chatted about simple ways to reduce your personal food waste.

Why are we throwing away so much food?

I think sometimes food waste happens as a result of good intentions. Maybe it’s a situation where you are “trying to eat healthier” so you buy a bunch of fresh veggies. But then you don’t actually cook and eat them. Other times it’s simply lack of planning or a glitch in your schedule. Milk goes sour, spinach rots, fruit gets moldy. However, you might also find that you are buying more food than you have an immediate need for.

Leftover Makeover: Bake fresh potatoes and stuff them with leftovers like shredded chicken or chili. Garnish with salsa, sour cream or cheese.

What items are most often wasted?

Fruits and vegetables, along with fresh meats and dairy products, top the list for food waste. Cheese may get moldy, milk may go sour (but you can still cook or bake with it if it’s not curdled. And, you can freeze cheese). If you don’t use fresh meats within two days of purchase, freeze it. Produce like bananas, leafy greens, potatoes and fresh herbs top the list for wasted produce.

Place fresh basil in a vase of water then refrigerator to use later.

Here are a few of the ideas we spoke about in the podcast episode:

  • How to use your freezer better
  • Wasting less restaurant leftovers
  • How zero waste cooking can help your food budget go farther
  • How to store fresh produce and other items
  • How to salvage the most-often tossed items
  • How to give leftovers a makeover

You can learn more about food waste and zero waste cooking in my book. Be sure to check out the podcast episode to learn more!



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