Cancer: The fruit that may shield the body against cancer by ‘slowing’ tumour growth


Cancer is the term given to the illness that results from the uncontrolled growth of damaged cells. The type of cancer is usually named after the diseased organ, but some can be more specific. While there is no one-fits-all approach to treating cancer, plant food consumption has shown promise in fighting off cancerous cells. Some research has reported on the beneficial effects of pears against various types of cancer.

Research shows that pears contain power-fighting compounds that could be instrumental in warding off deadly cancers.

Pears are hailed by nutritionists because they supply a wealth of beneficial plant compounds, such as catechins.

These powerful antioxidants have a lowering effect on blood pressure, improve blood vessel health and discourage blood clots.

But studies show they may also protect against colorectal and lung cancer.

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In 2007, a study of over 478,000 people showed that a higher intake of apples and pears was associated with a lower risk of developing lung cancer.

Writing in the International Journal of Cancer, the study authors noted: “Cancer incidence decreased with higher consumption of apples and pears as well as root vegetables.

“The results of this evaluation add evidence for a significant inverse association of vegetable consumption and lung cancer incidence in smokers.”

These protective effects have also been attributed to the antioxidant anthocyanin, which is known to hamper tumour formation and growth.


This is particularly beneficial for colon health, as research has shown the compound is highly effective at decelerating the growth of cancer cells inside the digestive tract.

What’s more, vitamin C in the fruit fights off free radicals that put cells under oxidative stress and pave the way to chronic disease.

Leading nutritionist Rob Hobson, who partnered with British Apples and Pears in November to raise awareness of the fruit’s benefits for men’s health, pointed out other health benefits of pears.

He explained pears provide enough fibre and other essential nutrients to support high cholesterol and heart disease.

Rob said: “Pears are a flavoursome, healthy snack, and there are so many ways to make your sweet“You may also want to add these ingredients along with soya milk to create a cholesterol-lowering smoothie.

“It’s never been more important to […] to ensure men are aware of the important role their lifestyle choices play in protecting them.

“There is vast evidence to suggest that pears are beneficial for men’s overall health, whether that be for weight loss, whether that be for weight loss, fibre intake or cholesterol.”

Symptoms of cancer:

But because there are more than 200 types of symptoms it is difficult to generalise.

Warning signs that are commonly seen across different cancers include weight loss, tiredness and unexplained pain.

Persistent lumps are another well-known sign that may be located on the armpit, stomach, groin, chest or testicle.

Cancer Research UK explains: “Some possible signs of cancer – like a lump – are better known than others.

“But just because some symptoms are more well known, doesn’t mean that they’re more important, or more likely to be cancer.”

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