About To Get A Urine Drug Test? Here Is How Detox Drinks Can Help!

Detox Drinks

Even when in a lot of countries, the consumption of marijuana is illegal; more than 80% of the population either consumes it regularly or at least 4 times a week.   But, what would you do if you ever got trapped to undergo a urine test? The major question arises then, is how to flush this weed out of your body? Well, it is even much complicated than what it sounds. When you continuously consume cannabis or marijuana, it inserts THC to your system and these metabolites get deeper into your hair, urine as well as blood. This turns out as the scariest news for all those people who are about to face a strict drug test.

In fact, these metabolites stay within the system for long, providing no clues on how to jump out of it. Out of the major tests, hair, urine, oral and blood tests are the most common ones. So here are some beneficial tricks by www.exit-5.net, through which you can avoid getting caught in a drug test.

The duration for which THC sustains in the body

This is something essential that you must know before undergoing any type of drug test. The effects of drugs remain in different parts of the body for numerous days. This also depends upon the level of consumption that you do.

  • In urine- the amount of THC and its sustenance here largely varies. It might leave the urine right around 22 minutes in case you have taken a second-hand smoke. But for people who smoke extremely hard and continuously, it can stay in the urine for as long as 30 days.
  • In hair- the presence of THC is worse in here! It can stay up to 90 days within your hair and there is no escape from the same.
  • In Oral/ blood- again for an avid user of weed, the reactions can easily be predicted up to 2 weeks from your blood.

The worst thing within all these is that, your body requires adequate time to release the availability of THC and if in between that period, you get stuck by a test, there is no escape. However, as technology has advanced so well, we have got some ways to get out of the trap.

Ingesting the Detoxifying Agents

These are certain liquids that assist in the temporary stoppage of drug metabolites from getting released through urine. Through the use of such detox drinks, you get around 3 to 4 hours of the gap within which, you can submit the urine sample for the test. You can select from a range of amazing drinks, however, the best ones are Rescue Cleanse 32OZ or Mega Clean. These detoxifying drinks include a pre-cleansed capsule which you must consume around 24 hours before taking the test. And then the main detox drink which has to be taken around 4 hours prior to the test is being conducted.

These drinks show instant results and save you from the threat of getting caught in a urines drug test. Just make sure that you drink ample amount of water while consuming them.