Yoga for physical, mental and psychological well-being

We are living in uncertain times; social, environmental and financial instability is rocking most of our worlds right now, majorly due to the consequences of the ongoing Covid crisis. Amid such global scenarios of doom and gloom, practicing Yoga can be our ‘secret key’ for achieving holistic well-being, as it can assist us in bringing our minds, souls and bodies back to a state of natural calm, rest and balance.

Undoubtedly, Yoga is the link which connects the mind and body of an individual and helps one stay connected with the greater sense of community and the universe. Even though Yoga is an ancient practice that originated thousands of years ago in India, it is considered highly relevant and beneficial in today’s day and age since the practice comprehensively addresses a diverse range of physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual health issues.

Be it improving your immunity, reducing stress or anxiety or increasing flexibility of the muscles, Yoga ticks all the right boxes and can help you vis-à-vis almost each of your fitness and lifestyle goals/aspirations!

We point out myriad health benefits of practicing Yoga on a regular basis:

Physical health benefits:
Yoga encompasses various poses/asanas which involve a gradual stretch of muscles that helps to improve flexibility of the various muscle groups of our body. Most Yoga postures are meant to strengthen one’s body from the inside out. Apart from enhancing your muscle flexibility, strength and toning your body, Yoga can also help you in weight loss, protection from injuries, improving your body posture, vitality and metabolism. Various studies conducted across the world have shown that regular Yoga practice drastically optimizes body functions like respiration, heart rate, etc., lowers blood pressure, keeps cardiovascular health problems at bay and helps in reducing chronic back pain or joint pain, among other key physical benefits.

Mental health benefits:
Practicing Yoga can positively affect your mood, behaviour and overall mental health in various ways. For students or working professionals, daily Yoga practice brings increased concentration, relaxation and peace of mind, helps to relieve symptoms of anxiety, stress, and so on. One can get amazing levels of mental clarity and calmness only by doing a combination of meditation and Yoga consistently. In the long run, Yoga can even aid anyone to fight depression, maintain a positive self-image and positive outlook towards life in general, and help in developing high willpower and tolerance (towards self and others).

Psychological health benefits:
Yoga is a psychology in itself. Regular Yoga practice makes us feel better and enhances our sense of gratitude and well-being. Besides, Yoga is becoming increasingly accepted as an adjacent therapy to improve quality of life for individuals, as it offers an excellent opportunity to enter into the ‘flow state’. Doing regular yoga helps people in achieving mindfulness, develops greater self awareness and tranquility, and catapults our ability to focus and remain happy throughout the day. Needless to say, Yoga is the gateway to better spiritual and emotional health as well!

As a beginner in the world of Yoga, do not get overwhelmed by the plethora of poses, asanas and breathing techniques. And, do not let anyone tell you that not everyone can do Yoga (because that’s a myth or an outright lie)! The practice of Yoga is beyond any particular religion (or Yogic mysticism), and should be seen as a way of life.

The popularity of Yoga is currently exploding across the globe, and millions are turning to Yoga in order to live healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives. Investing 30 minutes of your time daily to practice Yoga can be a great investment for your future self. So why are you still waiting? Hit the mat today and start practicing Yoga from home.

Inputs by Sukanya Devi, Yoga Head, TREAD