Why Should You Choose Auckland Physiotherapy?

Why you should choose PhysioPro for your physio needs in Auckland

Physiotherapy is the treatment of a physical or mental condition by the application of bodily movements and postures. It also helps restore function in the joints, muscles, and ligaments. Read on to learn more about the various types of physiotherapists and Auckland physiotherapy services.

Various Types Of Physiotherapists In Auckland

All of the physiotherapists in Auckland have completed at least five and a half years of continuous university study, and they are highly skilled in identifying and treating a wide variety of musculoskeletal ailments. An accident that happened a long time ago may still be causing complicated or persistent pain issues, which these physiotherapists are skilled in treating. Although all of these physiotherapists deal with basic musculoskeletal problems, some of them have specialisations in things like complicated back problems, migraines, or lower extremity injuries, so if you suffer from a complicated injury, seek their help.

Here are a few of the physiotherapists in Auckland:

  1. Master Physiotherapists 

At least 13 years of clinical experience and up to nine years of full-time university study are prerequisites for physiotherapists with master’s degrees who have expertise in the diagnosis and management of more complicated musculoskeletal diseases. They also provide post-complex surgery care for patients. For professional advice or to verify a diagnosis, master’s-level physiotherapists frequently examine patients who have been recommended by their GP, specialist, or another physiotherapist like physio Whakatane.

  1. Senior Physiotherapists

Regardless of who you meet, you will be in good hands because all of the senior physiotherapists have between 6 and 17 years of professional experience as well as post-graduate studies in the diagnosis and management of musculoskeletal disorders.

  1. Women’s Health Physiotherapists

There are physiotherapists that specialises in women’s health in Auckland who can evaluate and treat common concerns specific to women, such as bladder leakage when you wheeze, sneeze, or exercise, an irrational urge to use the restroom, urinary frequency (the sensation of needing to use the restroom too often every day or more than twice at night), and vaginal or pelvic pains.

  1. ACC Physiotherapists 

There are physiotherapists in Auckland who specialise in patients who have been in an accident or who are undergoing rehabilitation following surgery or injury, or people who just need physio Whakatane.

Different Types Of Physiotherapy Available In Auckland

Through movement, physio Whakatane can improve your wellbeing. The secret to enabling your body to perform at its peak level is good movement. Through movement, manual therapy (hands-on treatment), and education, Auckland physiotherapy approaches seek to lessen pain, heal injuries, and promote mobility. People of all ages can benefit from physical therapy, which not only helps in situations of injury and pain but can also prevent musculoskeletal issues from appearing in the first place. 

  • Physiotherapy For Women’s Health

Auckland Physiotherapy cares for women of all ages, including post-menopausal women and teenagers. We can help with pelvic muscle reconditioning, leakage and prolapse, pelvic discomfort, surgery, and anything else you may have during your pregnancy and after giving birth.

  • Spinal Physiotherapy

Any area of the spine, from the neck to the lower back, might suffer discomfort. In fact, back pain is the primary reason for musculoskeletal disability. Up to 80% of individuals will encounter it at some point in their lives, making it highly widespread. The incredible thing is that evidence reveals that active treatments like physio Whakatane are the standard of care and help to reduce pain, function, and quality of life, even though back pain can sometimes be alarming for patients.

  • Sports Physiotherapy

To permit a full restoration of performance after a sporting injury, rehabilitation is crucial. Additionally, it appears that previous injuries to muscles like the calves and hamstrings increase the likelihood of future injuries, most likely because of diminished strength. Any persistent weaknesses can be found by a physiotherapist, who can then recommend exercises to address them. If proper acute care is used to treat the damage from the beginning, acute soft tissue injuries typically heal more quickly.

  • Surgery Physiotherapy

In the majority of surgeries for musculoskeletal diseases, Auckland physiotherapy is also advised for post-operative therapy. Post-shoulder operations, multiple surgeries, hip, knee, and labrum surgeries are a few of these.

  • Running Physiotherapy

Common problems caused by running are rehabilitated with physio Whakatane. Physiotherapists can intervene to help you strengthen your muscles while reducing your risk of injury.

  • Children Physiotherapy

From infancy through childhood and adolescence, a child’s skeleton evolves at a tremendous rate. Many children may have growing pains and discomfort as a result of these sudden changes. A paediatric physiotherapist at Auckland Physiotherapy has had the good fortune to serve kids and their families for more than ten years. They are skilled and experienced in working with kids of all ages as they mature and develop.

Why Choose Auckland Physiotherapy?

It is a wise choice to opt for Auckland Physiotherapy because they have been proven to give the best service for over two decades. They always impose a quality standard on their services. Furthermore, they provide a wide range of physio Whakatane services to patients in a variety of situations and problems. Their physiotherapists are also widely known because of their experience and years of study. This way, you can assure yourself that you are getting the best physiotherapy possible.


Truly, physiotherapy has a lot of uses. But it is also important to know who you are going to trust when having your sessions. Auckland Physiotherapy is one of the best places to go because it provides a wide range of physiotherapy services to different patients. They also have a lot of experts that have been honed through experience and university study over time. You can be certain that you will receive the best services possible as a result of this.

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