Which Is Better For Fitness & Exercise?

Fitness Device Get an activity tracker to support your healthy lifestyle. Photo: FitNishMedia/ Pixabay

Some may get confused about the difference between a smartwatch from a fitness tracker, as both devices were designed to keep our bodies in check by tracking our daily activities and monitoring our fitness goals. However, a smartwatch makes use of advanced technology with features similar to a smartphone.

If you’re wondering which one is the best device for your fitness journey, here’s an in-depth review of Fitbit and Apple Watch, two of the most well-known activity trackers on the market.

Fitbit Overview

Fitbit monitors daily activities, especially when it comes to health and fitness. It looks like a watch, which can be strapped on the wrist and can be worn even while doing heavy workout sessions.

It encourages people to move more, even just by walking regularly as this can have positive effects on your overall health. Some studies have shown that Fitbit has successfully motivated more people to walk and exercise.

Fitbit Features

Fitbit is a fitness tracker that can be used for monitoring heart rate, sleeping patterns and oxygen levels in the blood. It can also be used during fitness activities to keep track of exercise minutes, steps and calories burned. Depending on the latest version of the device, it may include GPS tracking, can be used as a music player, can receive notifications and be used to pay for items.

Latest Fitbit Version: Fitbit Charge 5

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The Fitbit Charge 5 was launched in August 2021. It claims to be the best device for health and workout optimization. One of its best features is the Daily Readiness Score, which can tell if your body is ready for another workout or if it’s in dire need of rest. It can be used as your guide in making decisions for living a healthier and happier life.

It is updated in comparison to other Fitbit devices as it includes a built-in GPS and workout data that can provide an intensity map. With this, you can monitor the intensity of your workout, your heart rate and oxygen levels, so you’ll know which workouts your body is accustomed to.

This is also recommended for swimmers as it can last in water for at least 50 meters.

Other features include 20 exercise modes, SmartTrack, sleep score and stages, stress management score, 24/7 heart rate tracking and many more.

It has a vibrant touchscreen display, so you can easily use the device even outdoors. Its sleek design can also be matched with any outfit.

Apple Watch Overview

An Apple Watch is a multi-purpose device that works as a watch, fitness tracker, health guide and a mini phone. It guarantees to be the perfect device if you want a healthy lifestyle. The device claims to be effective in improving health as it has easy-to-use features that suggest the best workout routines and monitors your health metrics.

Apple Watch Features

Aside from being developed by a well-known brand, the Apple Watch has three main features that make it stand out in the market.

  • Smart Features: The device also works like a mini cellular phone and can easily be attached to your wrist. You won’t have to worry about leaving your phone at home or missing important notifications, as this feature allows you to make and receive calls and text messages. You can also receive App notifications that can always be displayed. This ensures you won’t miss anything.
  • Health and Fitness Features: When it comes to health and fitness, the watch has promising features that are very handy. You can monitor the condition of your body during daily activities or while exercising. The device has an exercise tracker, heart rate monitor, blood oxygen tracker, fall detector, ECG and many more.
  • Travel Features: The Apple Watch can be a reliable device when traveling or doing outdoor activities. The features include location sharing, maps, a compass and a barometric altimeter.

Latest Apple Watch Version: Apple Watch Series 7

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The Apple Watch Series 7 is designed with a larger touchscreen display that makes reading and tapping on the device easier. It also has an Always-On retina display which makes it 70% brighter, especially indoors. It is also more durable compared to older versions. It has a thicker crystal and a flat base to make it sturdier. It also has an IP6X certification which ensures that it’s dustproof and water resistant.

The watch has a revolutionary sensor and applications that can easily monitor your health. You can take an ECG, check your heart rate, measure blood oxygen levels and improve sleep quality as you can create a schedule for your bedtime routine.

Other features of the device include a built-in GPS, compatibility with Apple Music, fall detection and many more. It’s also fast charging as it takes only 45 minutes for it to be 80% charged.

Apple Watch Series 7 [GPS + Cellular 41mm] 

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The Apple Watch Series 7 also comes in cellular version. This allows you to communicate with your friends and family, especially if you forgot to bring your mobile phone during your workout session. You can make and receive calls and text messages.

Fitbit vs. Apple Watch: Which is the best?

The Fitbit and Apple Watch both aim to improve the body’s overall health and serve as a guide in everyday activities. However, the choice depends on what your body needs. The Fitbit and Apple Watch differ in size, compatibility with devices, price and some features.

If you’re looking for a device that has more information on enhancing sleep quality, has various sizes and is also compatible with both Android and Apple devices, then Fitbit would be the best option for you. If you want a device that provides more support for fitness activities, has a bigger screen and is more in sync with your Apple iPhone, then get the Apple Watch.

When looking for a cheaper option, the Fitbit has a less expensive price range as you can purchase the device from $99. If you do have the means to spend a bit more, then you can get the Apple Watch, where the latest version is priced at $329 for the GPS version and $429 for the GPS and cellular version.