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How to give bread to a 6 month old baby

You might worry that bread can be a choking hazard for babies starting solids for the first time.

For this reason, when you start giving baby bread, break it up into smaller pieces or toast it and then cut into thin finger-shaped slices.

Bread only poses as a choking hazard if the piece of bread is too large, starts sticking to your baby’s mouth or your baby is unable to confidently mash it into small pieces before attempting to swallow it.

As a rule of thumb, when bread is first offered, the pieces should be small enough for your baby to pick up using their fingers.

Another option is to toast the piece of bread and slice it lengthwise into long slender pieces.

This way your baby can enjoy it like a teething snack and gnaw at it or slowly chew on the piece of bread.

Once your baby has confidently established eating fruit, vegetables, soft pieces of chicken, fish, meat and other grains, the texture of the bread will be manageable for them.

You could also smear a thin layer of mashed avocado, nut butter or soft cheese over the bread as a meal option.

As part of their weaning journey, it’s important to introduce your baby to allergenic foods like gluten from bread, pasta or other wheat based foods before they reach 12 months of age.

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