10 Makanan Yang Baik Untuk Menjaga Kesehatan Hati – Sehat Negeriku

Nutrients are crucial body substances found in food that help in driving a biological process in our body that is essential for wellbeing. These nutrients are divided into the categories called carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and minerals which help in building our teeth, muscles, blood, and tissues. Essential nutrients help the body in working conditions and produce energy in the form of heat and power. According to research conducted, Danish people lack nutrients in their bloodstream due to the less intake of essential multivitamins and nutrients.

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  • Anemia ( Iron deficiency)

It was revealed in the Danish research that only 1% of adult males and 1.7% of adult females had anemia, and 14.5% of children contracted anemia in the early stages of their life. In iron deficiency, people lack adequate healthful red blood cells to carry enough oxygen to their body’s tissues. A person having iron deficiency has a low level of hemoglobin that makes a person look tired. 

  • Protein deficiency

Protein C deficiency is a thrombophilia caused by genetic alterations due to protein C genes. In the Danish population, 65% of people lacked the protein C genes resulting in protein deficiency. The research was conducted which suggested that a major proportion of children were the victims of protein deficiency in the overall European region.

  • Vitamin D deficiency 

Vitamin D insufficiency and its entanglements have been a topic of intensive debate among fitness professionals for many years, low vitamin D status about major non-communicable illnesses has been studied in various observational examinations. As vitamin D is produced in the skin in response to cosmic radiation, low vitamin D is prevalent in the Denmark population. However, in Danish people, vitamin D deficiency was at lower rates compared to other deficiencies like protein and other vitamins.

  • Vitamin C deficiency

In different countries, Vitamin C deficiency can occur as an under-nutrient factor. There is a lesser chance of developing severe conditions like scurvy due to vitamin C deficiency in developed countries like Denmark. Some of the symptoms of vitamin C deficiency include lethargy, malaise, and connective prosenchyma defects (gingivitis, petechiae, dermatitis, visceral bleeding, impaired wound healing). Males were observed to have a 0.8% compared to the 1.4 % Vitamin C deficiency in females. 


Nutrients are a necessity for every human being’s life. Research conducted in Denmark revealed that 56% of females are receiving their daily dose of nutrients through supplements as a result of a poor diet and low-to-no nutrient-rich diet. Such conditions resulted in several health issues both in elderly people as well as the younger population. Food is a basic living need for humans but, people need to understand its importance in the context of calorie intake to prevent diseases in their early development stages.