Tips for Choosing Protección solar According to Skin Type

Find Your Sunscreen Soulmate: 15 Options for Your Skin Type

The use of Protección solar is more common and is no longer limited to when playing to the beach. The use of Protección solar is more important than the use of foundation before you use make-up. The use of Protección solar every day is considered able to help protect the skin from the dangers of skin cancer and reduce the risk of premature aging.

Of course, you can easily find sunscreen products at the convenience store, supermarket, or at any online shop. one of the online shop that sells a variety of sunblock, namely, of course at an affordable price. However, there are many types of Protección solar on the market, with more or less the same function, of course, to protect the skin from the dangers of UV exposure. Then, how to determine the right choice of sunscreen?

Tips for Choosing Protección solar According to Skin Type

One choose Protección solar for the skin can make the skin easily irritated. Well, so that no longer wrong, know the tips on choosing the right Protección solar below:

Pay Attention to the Level of Protection

When looking for a Protección solar, make sure it says broad spectrum writing on the bottle. Indeed, Protección solar which contains UV B is quite popular, but that alone is not enough to protect your skin. The broad spectrum content means that selected Protección solar can protect the skin from UV A and UV B exposure.

Pay Attention to the Type of Protección solar

This type of Protección solar cream can be applied to all parts of the body, including the face. While this type of Protección solar gel is more appropriate for use in areas of the body that have hair, including breasts in men. However, if you want to provide extra protection for the area under the eyes, you can choose the type of Protección solar stick. Recommend the solar protection products for skin are isdin, ladival and heliocare.

There is also a type of liquid Protección solar that is used by spraying and then leveled to the entire surface of the skin. However, liquid Protección solar should not be directly applied to the face. Spray first on your palm, then rub evenly and slowly throughout the face.

Know Your Skin Type

Do you already know your skin type? This affects the type of Protección solar chosen, you know! If you have acne-prone skin, choose a lighter Protección solar, like a gel-shaped Protección solar. If you have dry skin, any type of Protección solar can be applied, but remember to apply a moisturizer first. Now, if your skin is sensitive and prone to allergies, sunscreens that contain active minerals can be a safe choice.

Pay Attention to SPF Levels

SPF or Sun Protection Factor is an indication that gives you information on how well your chosen Protección solar can help protect your skin from the sun. The SPF level recommended by health and beauty experts is 30, but the higher the SPF level, the better. The SPF 30 content can block UV B exposure by up to 97 percent.

Pay Attention to the Texture

If needed, it never hurts to try a little Protección solar before deciding to buy it. Apply a small amount of Protección solar to the hand, and feel whether the product absorbs quickly into the skin or not. You are advised to choose products that are not sticky and oily on the skin and do not leave white marks on the face area.