New to Fitness Trackers & Don’t Want to Splurge? This Smart Watch is On Sale for Just $60

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Living in a human body in 2022 means accepting (at least a little bit) that we’re all nerdy cyborgs on some level. That means we all have access to a lot more data about our bodies in general and can even wear some nifty futuristic fitness tracking devices (ranging from rings to watches to bangles and necklaces) to keep track of how we move, sleep, eat and feel all day long.

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One drawback of this future-is-now life? The price tag attached to a good amount of this fit tech. While investing in your data and wellness and nerdery is a worthwhile cost for a lot of people, it can be hard to justify splurging a couple hundred bucks on a fancy James Bond watch if you aren’t already sure the fitness tracker/smart watch life is for you. (I still have a complicated relationship with my Apple Watch and pivoted to Oura Ring this year, so I get it!)

Which is why the Health Smart Watch 2 — a wearable fitness tracker with all the bells and whistles of its competition — being on sale for just $60 might mean its time for you to take the plunge.

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If you’ve been wanting a smart watch but they’ve been out of your budget, read up on this one! - Credit: Spade & Co

If you’ve been wanting a smart watch but they’ve been out of your budget, read up on this one! – Credit: Spade & Co

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Health Smart Watch 2


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A bit about the watch: Compatible with Android or iPhone smartphones, Health Smart Watch 2 can track your body temperature, your blood oxygen levels, your blood pressure and heart rate and your sleep and fitness data with a simple, easy-to-use interface that makes all of these numbers not feel too terrifying or overwhelming. It also allows you to upload your own watch faces (your pup or your kids or your partner forever smiling back from your wrist!) and can send you your text messages, calls and app notifications without having to shuffle around for your phone. My favorite thing about smart watches is syncing it up with my music during a workout so I don’t need to keep my phone in hand — and this watch lets you do that too! And, in case you’re worried about ruining some fancy tech, don’t freak out: It is waterproof, too.

Set-up is super simple and your box will include your smartwatch, your watch band, a charger and the manual along with helpful videos to guide you in syncing it up to your phone (just in case you don’t have IT energy).

Other than that, it’s a stylish and unobtrusive addition to your daily wardrobe — just be better than me and remember to charge it.

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