Jenelle Croatto APD

The new year has rolled around and for many this is when those hand-on-heart resolutions are boldly declared.   If you’re one to make a new year resolution – go for it!  But, do make sure it’s one which fills you with enthusiasm, rather than dread!

Which diet should you pick?  The truth is, all ‘diets’ will work if you can stick to them, however most are downright boring, unsustainable and seriously make for a lousy dinner party.    

This year, I encourage you to do away with the diets and instead focus on improving your health. In all honestly, your gravitation pull does not me provide me with a good understanding of your health – but, your energy levels do!  

Let weight loss simply be a nice ‘side-effect’ of achieving great energy in your life.  

When we focus on each aspect of health – nutrition, activity, sleep and joy – and remove those restrictive ‘diet rules’, your body will naturally find its most happy weight.

To get you started, here are some ways you can shake-up the standard health re

  1. SWAP: “Quitting sugar” —– WITH: “I’m going to drink water instead of juice and limit sweet treats to once per week”
  2. SWAP: “Eating clean” —– WITH: “I’m going to eat an extra serve of vegetables with dinner each night”
  3. SWAP: “I’m going to lose 10kg in two months” —– WITH: “I’m going walk twice a week”
  4. SWAP: “I’m going to cut out caffeine” —– WITH: “I’m going to get to sleep 30 minutes earlier and limit my coffee to one per day”

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