Important Questions to Ask Your Dentist at Your Next Appointment


An appointment with your dentist should not be unpleasant. We all know how important is your yearly dental exam along with your bi-yearly teeth cleanings. But to know the most about your dental health, you must go to the dental clinic well prepared with all questions. 

A dental clinic always welcomes all kinds of queries from their patients and is highly committed to offering expert advice to keep their teeth and gums clean and healthy. When you visit a dental clinic, a hygienist will first clean up your teeth and then look for any gum disease. 

How can a proficient dentist transform your oral health?

An experienced dentist will perform a dental exam that will check your neck, mouth, and face for any oddities. They might take an X-ray to identify any dental issues that cannot be seen through the naked eye.

Regular dental exams are not only essential for your oral health but also for your complete health. Several diseases like diabetes and arthritis can be easily detected with some of the symptoms from the mouth. A proficient dentist will look for any decay in your tooth or root, along with any gum or bone disease. Furthermore, they will also check the jaw for any malfunction. 

Have a glimpse at some of the questions you should ask your dentist about your dental health:

  • How healthy are your teeth and gums? This helps you in learning if there is anything wrong with your teeth or gums that requires action. It also allows your dentist to know about some of the early symptoms of gum disease or any small cavities before they progress to something serious or painful.
  • What all processes would benefit your oral health: You can discuss with your dentist procedures that would help your oral health like root canal treatment, any gum disease treatment, and extraction of your wisdom tooth to assist in restoring your oral health. This will differ from one patient to another and can be known only after a detailed dental exam or oral screening.
  • How to screen for oral health? At the time of routine dental examination at any good dental clinic, they screen patients for oral cancer. Detection of oral cancer at its early stage helps in a more successful treatment. It is recommended to do these screenings at least once a year to detect any abnormal cell growth in your mouth or tongue, or throat.
  • How to maintain healthy teeth at home? A competent dentist usually teaches the patients about various methods to keep healthy teeth at home. It has been proved that periodontal disease can enhance the risk of tooth decay, heart disease, and sometimes stroke. Thus, it’s important to maintain a healthy and hygienic oral condition. Flossing at least once a day helps in reducing the plaque or tartar that can lead to gingivitis. Brushing your teeth twice a day helps eliminate bad bacteria that otherwise would end up in the bloodstream.

Thus, prevention is always better when the matter is about dental problems. Click Here to speak to a dental expert who will answer oral health questions to help you obtain better dental health.

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