How to Care For an Addiction Patient with Depression

Depression and Addiction | New Method Wellness

The case of a mentally unstable person becoming an addict is a very common thing. Such a situation is called co-occurring disorder and depression with addiction are most commonly the two participators of such health conditions.

When it comes to addiction, it is mostly like the question of “egg and chicken”. It’s hard to understand that depression made them an addict or their addiction has depressed them. But regardless of that fact, the suboxone treatment centers in New Bedford treats all addiction patients with equal care and importance. And because therapy is an important part of addiction treatment, you won’t have to plan ahead to treat depression at the drug rehab.

But before doing anything, it’s important to be sure if you have depression or not. Proper self-diagnosing is not possible, but there are some signs that can indicate if you have depression or not.

  • Irritability
  • Intense fatigue
  • Eating not at all or too much
  • Physical issues like muscle pain or headaches
  • Disinterest in anything you love
  • Insomnia or sleeping too much

Even though such symptoms can happen when a person is addicted as well, but getting proper treatment from suboxone centers near me is important when addiction is involved.

How does addiction start for a depressed person?

It all starts with self-medication. People who suffer from depression live in darkness, they cannot think positively no matter what. And to get rid of all the dark thoughts, they self-medicate with substance. Substance, numb a certain part of their brain that causes anxiety or depressed feeling. Hence, the more they consume the substance the more they become addicted to the relief and then to the substance. Hence, comes the importance of getting suboxone treatment in New Bedford.

Dual Diagnose At the Rehab

Dual-diagnose is the first step that the suboxone doctors task at the rehab. It helps doctors identify the best way to approach such complex situations. Because it is not fully determined which health issue is responsible for the other, the rehab can either progress with the mental treatment or with the suboxone and sublocade withdrawal. No matter which is the first one, the patient would be given targeted treatment at the rehab.

Addiction treatment with medication

The first step of addiction treatment is medical detox. And such treatment often happens with suboxone medication or sublocade medicine. The remaining drug would be flushed out from their body to start the withdrawal phase. And because drug withdrawal can be superiorly uncomfortable for the patients, opioid medication would be provided to the patient for lessening the withdrawal pain. As without the suboxone treatment near me, the patient can either relapse or even die.

Treating depression with therapy

After all the treatment with medication has been applied and the patient has become more used to the drug absence, therapeutic treatment begins. Unlike other cases, the cause of the addiction problem is somewhat known, the therapist can directly proceed with the treatment without diagnosing them.

The therapist will first try to acknowledge the reason behind their depression so that they can pinpoint what the problem exactly is. Then after doing so, the therapist and the patient will learn the easiest way to deal with that problem, one that will not include consuming the substance. In other words, the patient will be learning healthy coping mechanisms so that their depression won’t make them end up taking a sublocade shot again.

This way the patient can also learn how to deal with future issues that might trigger their depression and addiction. It might be tough at first, but with additional help from the therapist and doctors, they can easily get over the cravings and temptation. Depression is not that easy to deal with but it also not as hard as it seems, with prolonged therapy sessions and the right medication, a person can keep it at bay. Therefore, you need to pay more attention to choosing the right clinic for getting addiction treatment and therapy for depression.