5 Benefits Of Strength Training

Strength training is a great way to improve your physique, as well as your overall health. In simple terms, strength training simply refers to the use of resistance for improving strength, muscle mass, and muscle tone. Did you know that strength training can have other benefits as well?

Here’s a list of some benefits of strength training or exercise:

  1. Develop muscles – seriously, age can cause muscle decrease but regaining it is not impossible yet. This is why strength training is important to regain those lost muscles in your arms, back, legs, and abdomen. American Cancer Society suggests that strength training helps in reversing the trend in muscle reduction. For most cases, regaining mass and strength can be achieved regardless of age. Strength trainers help in distributing exercises throughout your body so that muscle development is equally relative to the intensity your specific body parts need.
  1. Regulated blood sugar – whether you have diabetes or none, you need regulated blood sugar. The problem is that we enjoy food as it is and sometimes, we forget that we are consuming more than what our body needs. In some cases, we experience difficulty in sleeping, an unusual headache, or blurry vision. According to a journal from BioMed Research International, strength training can help improve the ability of your muscle to maximize glucose in converting to energy.
  1. Efficient calorie burning – your body without exercise might be suffering from poor calorie burning. That is why when your body is not active, you are less likely to feel energetic and rather feel lethargic. Strength training is one of the best ways to boost your body’s metabolism. The American Council on Exercise reported that aerobic activity paired with strength training achieves “excess post-exercise oxygen consumption” where your body continues to burn calories during a resting phase.
  1. Better balance – did you ever feel a sudden change in your walking pace affected your balance? WebMD said that the probable cause of losing your balance is weight gain. Sometimes, your legs can hardly support your body, and standing for a prolonged duration can tire your legs out easily. With strength training, your legs can regain the needed muscle to support your body. Proper leg training exercises increase your flexibility and strength not to mention some increase in agility as you progress toward your goal.
  1. Stronger bones – you either use it or lose it. Lack of exercise does not help most especially when you are aging. As we grow older, we gain weight and our bones are not apt for so much weight. Added to that, aging makes our bones brittle, easily exposing us to bone-related injuries. Strength training alone can increase bone strength. Paired with balanced nutrition, you can even get your bones to improve like you are in your early 20s. Consistently doing strength exercise allows you to shed excess fats and convert them into muscles making you leaner and lighter – just what your bones need.
  1. Reduced anxiety, mood booster – exercise alone can get you in a good mood. Most people in their thirties who lack exercise are rather moody and lethargic. Remember, age is a factor, and it only gets you downhill if you do not pay attention. The strength training exercise is also a way of caring for your mental health. MDLinx reported that in most clinical management anxiety programs, resistance exercises are incorporated to achieve positive anxiolytic effects.

There are a lot of benefits of strength training and getting a certified personal trainer can make the process worth the pain, most especially when someone understands you. With Fit Print your personal trainer Orlando, you will surely receive a massive number of benefits from health improvement, mental healing, to improving your confidence. In just a matter of weeks, you can go out there, wear those seemingly shrinking shirts from last year, and rock those jeans again!