5 Actions to Boost Your Mood (in Less Than 1 Minute)


I don’t know about you, but I always need the reminder: that even during a busy day (or in the midst of a busy season in life) there ARE ways to slowly re-calibrate ourselves. That it’s not selfish or “extra” to do so— I think they’re actually necessary if you’ve got a lot on your plate (and want to remain sane, calm and grounded). 

So often, we tell ourselves the lie that unless we have 20 minutes/30 minutes/1 hour, it doesn’t count. Which is just not true. Especially when we’re talking about your own energetic space, which you carry with you wherever you go. 

All it takes to shift your energy, your mood and your vibe is often as simple as a few quiet moments, but used intentionally. I find this practice so helpful as I constantly switch roles, multiple times a day (between work life, home life, babies & kids, pets, or other commitments), while also staying present in exactly what I’m doing.

So here are few ways to make those shifts energetically with more ease and peace. All of these can be done in under one minute, so don’t tell yourself you don’t have time! 

5 ways to shift your energy and mood in less than 1 minute:

Give yourself one minute, and how you enter the next phase of your day can change completely.

1. Adding chlorophyll drops to a big glass of water, which gives your internal cells an immediate boost of energy, and a refreshing mint kick in your mouth. This is so great in between meals. (And better for you than another cup of coffee.)

2. Making yourself a cup of tea & savor each step of the process. It helps you slow down and get present in the moment rather than thinking about 100 things at once. Really soak in the process and let yourself get lost in each step and enjoy it while you sip.

3. Breathing four deep, long, slow breaths to let your nervous system release any tension— optional to add a drop of an uplifting essential oil to your palms, rub them together, then cup over your nose and mouth and inhale deeply.

4. Misting your face with a natural face spray (like a rose water or a everything spray). Something about this gives me an immediate dopamine hit of happiness and renewed energy. 

5. Making a playlist on your phone of a few songs that bring you back to a place of calm (or joy or strength). Music has a way of invigorating energy and bringing a new vibe to a room. Find 5-10 of your favorite songs and start a playlist that you’ll be able to come back to in times of stress or overwhelm.

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